suisse clinic

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Clinic 251 (0) 114161649 +251 (0) 921787120

Our physicians can work with you and your family to ensure that you have the vaccinations needed to safely live, work, and travel in Ethiopia.

INFANT VACCINES are provided at the Suisse Clinic:
Oral Polio
Vaccine and Inactivated Polio Vaccine
Diptheria -Tetanus - Pertussis - Haemophilus Influenza type B - Hepatitis B Combination
Pneumococcal PCV 10 Vaccine (Synflorix)

Other Vaccines available at the Suisse Clinic:
Yellow Fever Vaccine (Sanofi)
Verorab Rabies Vaccine (Sanofi)
Cholera Vaccine (Sanofi)
Hepatitis B Vaccine

The OPV, Rota, PCV and DTP Hib Hep B are provided only to infants below six months. For those following guidelines that require boosters after 12 months, you will need to make different arrangement to get vaccines for the time being.
Vaccines that are presently NOT available in Addis Ababa include Typhoid, Hepatitis A and Varicella. We hope that some of these vaccines will soon be approved for use in Ethiopia.
Our physicians can help review your needs and develop a plan to help ensure that you and your family have the necessary vaccinations. If you have questions about your vaccination needs please call for an appointment.